Token of appreciation

Special thanks to our long-term supporter, Lulu Ma & Kuching Buddhist Society for ordered this painting as a token of appreciation to their invited speaker. We feel very blessed that our artwork are well accepted by many. It’s pleasurable to serve you all & we will continue to provide quality products & services. Happy weekend everyone !

digital caricature painting as token of appreciation

Fruitful Year

2014 is a fruitful & pleasurable year. We enjoy the process of creating each and every piece of artwork. Lots of laughter and overtime goes into producing one piece of perfect drawing. We had been very blessed since we started the business. We always look forward to the next project and exciting journey ahead.

Some of the artworks we did in 2014.
Some of the artworks in 2014.

Love in the Autumn

Love in the Autumn – a fall theme wedding caricature we did for a lovely couple from U.S, it look us quite a long time to draw the draft, including the couple, details of the two characters, bikes, trees and mountain. We always prefer to draw everything using a pen or pencil before proceed to digital coloring. Both Lee & I are very happy with the result so far, it was definitely worth our time and effort.

fall theme wedding caricature