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We believe every individual is UNIQUE and PRECIOUS. We would like to know YOUR STORY, give us an opportunity to work with you and create the one and only HEART WARMING GIFT to you & your love ones. All artwork and background is hand drawn and digital colouring, we strive to give our client the best, for a memory that last a life time.More than just caricature, our products are specially crafted for different occasions based on specific needs and requests. Our aim is to create meaningful pieces of art which tell your stories and hold the precious moments together. Visit our shop for more product lisitings : https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaricatureGiftsbyAT

About – Caricature Gifts by Aleph Tav Art

’Aleph Tav’ is the First and Last Hebrew Letters. We chose this as our name because it is the signature of Jesus, who is the reason and inspiration of our artwork and the Originator of this project. He is also the Finisher of all our art-pieces. Aleph Tav Gift Shop marks a new beginning of our lives. We are blessed to meet you as we continue our journey.

We look forward to create some interesting artwork with you !

H.J.Chen & Lee Chen

Contact: alephtavart@gmail.com
Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaricatureGiftsbyAT



Aleph Tav Art is your GLOBAL specialist art & design store.
Orders from all over the world are welcomed !”

aleph tav art 2016 - digital caricature