Rustic to Beauty

I was inspired by this photo a friend sent me. We were talking about how the white paint looks unique on the rustic wall. The effect actually looks great without repainting the surface of the wall. We are like that piece of wall, the rustic & dirty surfaces are like our past & mistakes, some try so hard to apply layers of new paints to cover the guilt & shame. I have learned to face it boldly, honestly and not ashamed because those are the things that made me a better person today. I am that piece of wall, with ugly, dirty & rustic surface, then Jesus came & paint a piece of art on me & called me “beautiful”. You know what ? you don’t need to hide behind that layer of paint. God can make a beautiful painting out of a rustic wall, and I am inspired to do the same. Flaws & mistakes are part of us but we don’t have to stay in the same place, we can learn & grow, transform those things into a beautiful art piece, make it poetic. Because you are BEAUTIFUL. wall art in progress @ Penang. Photo by min

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