Rebel for a Good Cause

As I am selecting some photos of our previous works for slideshows for the meet and greet session this coming Friday, I came across these photos. They were taken 3 years back when we first started the company. With limited budget & resources, very few contacts & great amount of uncertainty. All we had was just zeal, some faith, tiredness & dissatisfaction of living the same lives that we had been living for the past 5 years. Tired of constantly meeting the expectation & fitting into the conception of people around us. By refuse to be fitted into the mould of human opinion, we went all out, stepping into the unknown/uncertain future & did something traditional society thought would be ridiculous & stupid (if not starve to death). God is faithful & He came through for us when we took that step while most people around (including few religious folks) just stood aside and criticized in unbelief. Thanks to a few who believe & stick with us from the beginning. Sometimes I am amazed by how people just criticize things that they don’t really understand, perhaps our bold move got them offended. Well, I still hope that one day they will be inspired, have the same courage to step out so that they too, will enjoy the rewards & joy of seeing their dream come to pass. (On the other hand, I believe we don’t really know God even we when claimed we do until we experienced Him in our lives, believe that He is for real & trust Him completely.) I am really glad that God had proven He delights in people who simply trust in Him, despite of the so-called “reality” are trying to stop them from doing so.  Looking back, it’s an amazing journey. We may have a humble beginning, but we are still going strong today. We have not arrive yet but we had left. Continue to pursue the purpose of our lives & enjoy the wonderful journey that God has set before us. Changing people’s perception & perspective towards art, one caricature at a time. Encouraging people to see themselves as a precious & unique being, to live up to the potential & call in their lives. I would say this is rebel for a good cause.

Some studio photos back then.
Some studio photos back then.


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