equality & originality

Sometimes, we get questions like why caricature? Well, we simply love human, and the fact that everyone is unique & different. Our core value lies in equality, everybody is precious in the eyes the the Creator, minus the background, social status, education or wealth. Everyone deserves a personal gift that depicts them (lives / stories). People often got the idea that the artworks are photographic images because they seem quite realistic. The truth behind is simply 2 artists who spend huge amount of time & effort in perfecting every art pieces. It’s a whole-hearted process & we imparted our lives into every artwork we produced. Not only did it slowly changes people’s perception towards art, it help us to go beyond stereotypes & embrace the beauty of originality. Happy Sunday. 🙂 artwork & artists 


To order digital caricature gifts, contact us : alephtavart@gmail.com

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