Precious life lessons from Grandpa

family digital caricature
Grandpa loves to bring me for zoo visits, and by observing the animals he taught me some life lessons. He often says:”Look at lion, the King of beasts, he knows his position and stands firm on his principal, not easily sway and waiver. As for the zebra, just as clear as the stripe on his body, he is not double-minded, his ‘yes’ means ‘yes’ and his ‘no’ means ‘no’. Although the giraffe might seems arrogant on the outside, he tend to look at things from a higher perspective and from different view point, he is not affected by how others see him.” Then i asked my grandpa:”Since all the animals are full of wisdom, why you always carry the panda in your bosom and not the other animals?” Grandpa answered:”Because panda has a pure heart, when your heart is pure and humble, you are willing to listen and learn. This is the most precious character. Men pierce themselves with many pain and sorrows because they do not guard their hearts, for everything we do flows from our heart.” Grandson:”Grandpa, have you achieve that?” Grandpa:”Son, even though I am eighty this year, I am still learning…..I am not there yet but I have left, nevertheless.”

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